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Material Safety Data Sheets


FM-1000 Elastomeric adhesive, manufactured by Cytec Engineered Materials, is a film adhesive required by many companies for testing metallic and ceramic coatings throughout industry. The material supplied by Couch Sales, LLC is 0.06 pound per square foot and is approximately 0.010 inches thick. All FM-1000 Adhesive is certified by the manufacturer to conform to Federal Specification MMM-A-132 Revision B, Type 1, Class 1, Form F, Group 4. Additionally, it is also certified to conform to Specification A50TF175 Revision S2, Class A. FM-1000 is available in two forms, either in sheet form as provided by the manufacturer or in pre-cut one-inch diameter wafer form. FM-1000 is sold in a minimum order of five square feet. One five square foot sheet is 20 inches by 36 inches. In the pre-cut wafer form, five square feet will yield approximately 575 – 580 wafers. For large orders, quantity discounts are available. One copy of the Manufacturer Certification and Material Safety Data Sheet accompanies each shipped order.

For detailed information concerning use of FM1000 Adhesive, click here (135KB PDF) or contact Cytec Engineered Materials directly.

Cytech MSDS (1.25MB PDF)


3M Company manufactures EC-2086 Structural Adhesive. The material is a one-part paste adhesive. EC-2086 is primarily used to test the strength of high-density coatings, such as metallic coatings applied by the HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) process. It can also be used for testing coatings applied by other processes, such as plasma spray coatings, provided that the coating is not intended to contain high porosity levels. EC-2086 structural adhesive will generally test approximately 1000 to 2000 pounds per square inch higher than the FM-1000 adhesive. All EC-2086 is certified by the Manufactured to conform to Specification A15B112A1. One copy of the Manufacturer Certification and Material Safety Data Sheet accompanies each shipped order.

3M MSDS (1.42MB PDF)

Colloidal Silica

Colloidal Silica Suspension, manufactured by Metlab Corporation, is a special suspension of fine (0.06 miron) amorphous SiO2, particals in a high pH aqueous base used for chemical/mechanical polishing on oxides, metals,semi conductors and ceramic based materials.

Metlab MSDS (.73MB PDF)

For technical information about FM1000 contact the manufacturer, Cytec Engineered Materials, 1300 Revolution Street Havre De Grace MD 1078, Phone: 410 939-1910.
See About Us for a brief description of FM1000.

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